Jewelry Care Instructions

To ensure that your precious keepsakes looks their best and lasts, please read and adhere to the following instructions. Rene TreVor Jewelry is not liable for damage to jewelry due to contact with water, perfumes, lotions, chemicals, daily wear, sun exposure, scratches and/or bubbles

Water:  Resin is water resistant, not water proof.  Please remove jewelry before showering, swimming, washing hands, etc.

Chemicals:  Avoid exposing jewelry to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents.  Lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, nail polish remover, hand sanitizers could cause the resin to breakdown and/or discolor over time.

Sunlight:  Store jewelry out of direct sunlight.  Prolonged exposure can cause discoloration and softening.

Abrasives:  Polish resin with a soft micro fiber cloth and car wax to buff out any scratches.

Scrapes:  Try to avoid bumping/scratching or sleeping in keepsake.  It could cause it to be damaged in some way.