How should I send my elements?

After your purchase, you will be sent an email giving you all details regarding shipping instructions and the shipping address.  Please be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see an email directly in your inbox.

How long will it be before I receive my keepsake?

This is a service to transform your inclusions (cremation ash, hair/fur, dried flowers, fabric, soil, umbilical cord, placenta, etc) into keepsake jewelry. The process can take up to 8 weeks to complete from the time your elements are received. The postal service can also vary with delivery times. I will also be able to work on your keepsake in the order it was received and at which time, we can only assume responsibility for your package while it is in our care.

How often do you send packages?

As much as we'd like to get packages in and out every day, we find that for organizational purposes, it's best that we check the post office and mail packages every Friday. We want to make sure we treat your keepsakes with respect and would hate to mix them up with another order.

Do you send back any elements not used?

Yes, anything that isn’t used for your keepsake will be returned to you. Please don’t send us all of what you have.  Only a small amount is needed to make your keepsake.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Because of the nature of the piece, there are NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES after 24 hours of you placing your order.  If you need to cancel, please contact us via within that 24 hour period (Pacific Standard Time). All cancellations made with the 24 hours will incur an admin fee of $10.  If your order is already in production, a full refund will not be given due to the time that was spent on the creation and the materials used.  Cost of materials and the time involved will be deducted and the remaining amount will be sent to you. Please note: Social media messages via Facebook or Instagram are not considered notification of cancellation.  Email messages are checked daily.

How To Send Elements/Inclusions

Thank you so much for entrusting me with your precious elements.  We promise to treat them with the utmost respect and care just as I’ve done with my own.  It only takes a small amount to create your one of a kind keepsake, so please send all that you have.  The suggested amounts are described below. Please note:  Any unused portion will be returned to you.  

Ashes: 1 teaspoonful (ziplock bag)

Hair/Fur: approximately 1 inch long and the width of a toothpick. (paper envelope then ziplock bagged)

Dried Flowers: 1 teaspoon of the desired petals you’d like to use (ziplock bag)

Fabric:  1 in. x 1 in. piece (ziplock bag) 

Sand/Soil: 1 teaspoonful (ziplock bag)

Umbilical Cord: Depending on the size, ¼ - ½ a dried stump (ziplock bag)

Dried Placenta:  1 teaspoon can make up to 1 – 3 keepsakes (ziplock bag)

After your purchase you will receive an email confirming your order.  This email will also provide instructions on how to package your elements and give you the shipping address. Please enclosed your elements in a ziplock bag that is clearly labeled with your name, and details of the keepsake you ordered.  Place that sealed bag into another zip lock bag.  It’s best to place your labeled, ziplocked elements into either a bubble envelope or a small box for shipping.  I strongly suggest shipping with a tracking option to eliminate any worry of it getting lost in transit.

Once your elements are received, it will be clearly labeled and stored until the creative process begins.  A confirmation email will also be sent to you notifying you of its arrival. Rene TreVor Jewelry will not be liable for packages that are lost during shipping.