An Empty Cup

As women, we generally wear many hats and are quite excellent at stepping up to the challenges of wearing a few more.  We give and give and give some more and we’ll keep on giving as long as there’s a need.  I think we were created that way, to care for and nurture.  We take care of husbands, nurture our children, and sometimes find ourselves caring for our parents.  If no husband or child, we help our employers, relatives and friends. We are very generous with our time, resources and love. Not a bad thing, but the problem is at the end of the day, our cup of giving is so depleted that we have nothing to give ourselves. It is so necessary for us to balance the extent of our giving. 

I feel at times I’m most skilled at juggling the many hats I wear (wife, mother, grandmother, friend, worship leader, homeschooler, artist, entrepreneur, etc).  Until recently, I could handle the load of all my daily responsibilities.  However, my mother and son’s passing have left me in a much different place. Most days, I can handle the day to day stuff, but some days it’s all I can do to just get out of bed to get the basics done.  I know this is because my cup of giving had nothing left for me. 

The many times I’ve traveled, I’ve listened to flight attendants advise passengers to administer oxygen to yourself before helping anyone else.  This week was my “ahha” moment.  I know I have to put the juggling act on pause so I can take care of me.  Otherwise, I am no good to anyone else. I encourage you to do the same.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to PAUSE and take care of yourself.  It’s ok to do the dishes, vacuum the house or do the laundry later.  Those things will always be there.  Let’s face it! It’s a never-ending cycle. However, overwhelmed by what you feel like you need to tackle each day can cause stress and affects your body in ways that can decrease your longevity.  Your loved ones would rather have you here, living and enjoying life with them rather than a spotless house. It’s not selfish to take care of you!


Hello & Welcome

If you would have asked me a year ago would I ever start a blog I would have answered with a resounding “Not in a million years!”  Yet, here I am making my first of hopefully many entries.

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking what I could possibly blog about that would draw an audience.  Honestly, I’m not sure what that is, but I plan to give it my best shot. Rest assured that the content will not be all about “moi.”  However, I will from time to time write about my life’s experiences.  You may also find shared recipes and guest bloggers sharing their talents, (and I have a lot of insanely creative friends).  Believe me, that would be a fun treat for me, too.

In the weeks, months, and years to come, my hope is to exceed my expectations and goals I’ve set for myself and produce an outstanding blog for you to enjoy.